About Me

I was raised in a family of artists in Flanders. From a young age I studied Art, first in High school, later Interior design at the Academy of Arts in Antwerp and then as master painter, specializing in marble and wood imitations, Trompe l’-oeil and gold leaf.

I ran my own painting business in Antwerp for 5 years. My jobs varied from doing restorations in public buildings, painting private homes, shops and many more, often guiding people in their choice to obtain the best result for their homes or workspaces.

But I always have been attracted to the sea and at the age of 19, I had the chance to go sailing in weekends and holidays. Even the cold wind and grey water on the North sea could not keep me home. Then in 1998, I was invited to do my first Atlantic crossing and I could not say ”No” to such an adventure.

Getting to know ” the yachting industry ” along the way to the Caribbean led to a complete change in my life and I decided to fulfil my dream to see the world on a sailing boat. Now, after having sailed for many years on many different oceans I made Mallorca my home where I started painting on canvas in 2005.

My inspiration comes from all the beautiful and exotic places I was lucky enough to visit and many hours of watch keeping whilst admiring the sky.

My favourite medium is oil paint but I often combine this with other materials such as news paper pictures or real sail cloth to give the paintings more life and depth.